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Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 4 Signs of Attractions From a Guy

As every person knows, when guys fall for their dream girl, approximately 90 percent of the guys will be of course shy to express out their own feeling. Either they are afraid of rejection or too ego to move first.

Sometimes, you can feel that a guy has been treating you differently as compared to others but he never tell you that he is curious in you. Then, thousands of questions will pop up in your mind such as 'does my guy friend like me?' or 'is he curious in me?'. Therefore, it is principal for a girl to notice if a guy is curious in you or not so that you can give him some inescapable responses as an encouragement. So, how to know if your guy friend like you?

April Fools Jokes For School

His glance

Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 4 Signs of Attractions From a Guy

First of all, if your guy friend falls for you, he will always want to look at your beautiful look. Your guy friend would love to stare at you especially when you are not aware of it. And whenever you notice that, he will look away. This is naturally because he is shy or anxious. If this happened only once, most probably it is just coincidence. But if you catch him staring at you for more than three times, then the probability that he is curious in you is high.


After knowing that he keeps on seeing at you, maybe you can offer him a chat. If he shows interest in talking with you, this shows that he could be perhaps attracted to you. In addition, if he is smart, he will grab every single opening to get to know you more. At the same time, you can also get to know him best and decide if he is of course the one for you or not.

For the first time chatting with you, be alert in the way he talks to you. Does he look nervous? Does his words cluttered up? Is he sweating? If he says out something wrong, does he apologize to you repeatedly? These are the major signs from a guy if he is curious you. Don't worry; all you have to do is show him some good responses so that he can be more relax.

His action

When your guy friend is curious in you, the next step is to get closer to you. The most grand communication tools nowadays are via 3G hand-phone and via Internet. He will send lots of text messages to you to show his care and once in a while chat with you through phone calls especially at night. Besides, chatting via instant messaging through Internet also an additional one form of communication. There are a lot of emoticons that can be used and it is easier to express your feeling especially for those who are shy to express through words.

Bring you out

If your guy friend has a crush on you, he will by all means; of course want to bring you out especially when hanging out with his friends. He wants to let his friends know his dream girl and of course he hopes that every person will be happy for him.

In conclusion, stop request yourself, 'does my guy friend like me?' because it is of course quite easy for you to know if your guy friend is attracted to you. This is because guys will show their intentions from their actions. If you feel that he is person right for you, give him some hints that you are curious in him as well. Then, he will be motivated to move one step forward.

Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 4 Signs of Attractions From a GuyApril Fools Tube. Duration : 1.18 Mins.

For April Fools, I wore a broken arm sling into school and pretended my arm was broken. At the end of the day, I took it off. I also put a fake parking ticket on Dr. Ruiz's car. (Christian's mom)

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Lego Stop Motion 2 Lego Halo Dance

Lego Stop Motion 2 Lego Halo Dance Video Clips. Duration : 0.35 Mins.

The second in my stop motion test, it was also a school project

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April Fool's 2010 - Decreased Gravity

April Fool's 2010 - Decreased Gravity Tube. Duration : 4.93 Mins.

This is a little joke I played on my 5th grade class this past year. It was 4:30 in the morning two months ago that I woke up with a fiendishly clever idea. This idea was so brilliant that I couldn't help but begin work and keep going nearly until school was nearly ready to begin at 8:20. I wanted it to be awesome. It was April Fool's Day two months ago, and I decided to play a little prank on my class. You see, I've never played a practical joke on my whole class before (at least that I can remember) and I thought that I'd do one this year. Why? Just because. I did a little research. It seems that back in 1976 an astronomer, Patrick Alfred Moore, pulled a prank on BBC radio listeners. He stated that as Pluto passed behind Jupiter, it would cause decreased gravity temporarily on Earth. Hundreds of people were completely faked out. It was brilliant. I decided to recreate the hoax—after all—I'm all about keeping things green and recycling whenever possible. Also, this idea was much too good to NOT use. I copied the HTML code from the Wikipedia as well as the NBC website. I put this code into Dreamweaver (my webpage creation software) and began to rewrite portions of the sites...after all I wanted it to look real. I changed the dates, added information, and made the Wikipedia site not state anywhere in it that this was a hoax which happened in 1976, but rater a late-breaking story which had been on the 11 o'clock news the night before; therefore, many of the students may not ...

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Prank look behind you!

Prank look behind you! Tube. Duration : 0.55 Mins.

lol flipping is fun : D

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Epic April Fool Fail

Epic April Fool Fail Video Clips. Duration : 0.45 Mins.

Yes - that is me, and yes, I am a massive douche! I hid in the clothes recycle bin in our common room to jump out at alice - girl in the green dress - but it didn't entirely work! This is the sought of top notch education you aquire at an all girls independent school. :S

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Update! :)

Update! :) Video Clips. Duration : 1.40 Mins.

Hey, everyone I'm back! Sorry for being gone so long. School has been crazy! Stay tunned! By the way happy april fools day! Comment with any pranks you pulled on others or pranks others pulled on you!


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Victim of Pranks

A prank as has come to be described by many in the world all over is a trick or a practical joke that is contrived and played upon an unsuspecting private with the aim of temporarily causing a feeling of indignation, embarrassment or just plain old discomfort. The disagreement with pranks is that the victim finally learns of the joke, or is told of it and they do not have to lose anyone valuable, as would be the case for old tricks. The only bit they have to claim with losing is a microscopic face.

Just like I noted earlier, the victim finally learns of the joke and therefore it means that a prank would be of a light nature, most of their effects are sometimes reversible and they do not stay permanently with the victim. These jokes are often remembered in the time to come as a point to laugh about, and may even be remembered fondly by the individuals that fall prey to it. It should be noted also that a joke can be carried out in a estimate of ways and sequences that could make it lose taste and therefore seem cruel. A good instance would be when and if the victim does get hurt physically, in the process, and therefore remains with a mark that permanently reminds him or her of the joke that went awry.

April Fools Jokes For School

A joke that is also pulled off to intentionally hurt the feelings of an unsuspecting private as would be called bullying should not be called a prank. A prank should be easy to shed off and the fact that it would cause psychological distress would definitely attack it off the list of pranks.

Victim of Pranks

The other disagreement with pranks is that it is very practical and therefore requires a great level of preparing to successfully pull off. It begins with a clever conjure that requires a just and strategic plan, after which the variables are tested to see if the prank would admittedly work. A good example of a prank would be those that are carried out on Fools Day, on the 1st day of April every year.

I remember one time in school when the whole class elaborately planned out a trick that was executed on a educator in high school. We got to make the educator believe that the vital was in a foul mood that morning and had been seeing for him with a nasty intention. The poor educator was in a fit most of the day, and to complete the joke, the prefect went up to him and told him that his nearnessy was required in the Principals office. He dashed off, only to learn that the vital was locked up in a meeting in another part of the capital and had not made appearance in school.

If the test is flourishing then the carrying out swiftly follows through and the unknowing victim unwillingly takes in the joke, to the joy of eager spectators. It is also foremost to remember that some of the jokes fail miserably, much to the chagrin of the team that was planning it all. The jokers would any way remember the prospect and would go on ahead to by comparison to the victim of the prospect that they had. The joke would be therefore shared by all.

Victim of PranksKayla's April Fools Joke Tube. Duration : 0.88 Mins.

Kayla is on spring break and we told her that her school called and she had to go to school today. So she rushed and got ready......

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